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RustBlaster (ラストブラスター)



This community is made so that fans can get together and share their love for RustBlaster. Anything from discussions, fanarts, fanfics, graphics, rants, polls etc. are allowed as long as it's RustBlaster related. If you're looking for something specific, try looking through the tags first.



1. Respect everyone. No bashing and play nice!
2. Please use tags on your posts.
3. Keep long posts under cut.
4. Friends-Lock adult/non-worksafe content.
5. Um.. Go nuts, show us how much you like this fandom and have fun!



gfantasy_mag - GFantasy

Rust Blaster - Japanese Wikipedia
Devils666 -Sixth- - Toboso Yana's Website

Scarlet Carnival Scanlations - Complete English Scanlations
Vampire Knights Scans - English Scanlations


Main Layout by abacax1
Profile Layout by wonkyspork

RustBlaster (c) Toboso Yana, Square Enix. All rights reserved.